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Our Brisbane Gym is home to strength equipment, cardio equipment, ice baths and recovery equipment. We have some of Brisbane’s best fitness coaches and a great community and gym culture for you to be apart of!

Brisbane Gym Memberships​

We are a Brisbane based gym with membership options to suit your flexibility needs. Contact us and experience Brisbane's best gym.

Ice Baths & Cold Plunges

Come visit us for an ice bath and recovery session. Unlimited access to our ice baths are available with any of our memberships.

Breathwork Classes Brisbane

Our Team hosts weekly breathwork classes for our members and have a number of ice baths available for the recovery of our members.

Personal Training

We have a range of experienced coaches and personal trainers that are here to help you achieve your fitness goals, assist with your training program or help you stick to your nutrition program.

Strength Training

Our gym provides a range of equipment you'll need to hit your next PB, smash your strength training program and improve your health and fitness.

Group Fitness Classes

We offer a range of group fitness classes designed to teach you the fundamentals of liftting weights and exercise techniques. These classes are great if you're working towards any weight loss or strength goals.

Strength Sanctuary Brisbane Gym

About Our Brisbane Gym

Strength Sanctuary is a Brisbane gym situated in the heart of Stafford. Our community and the driving force behind the gym cross from all walks of life and train for all different reasons, Strength Sanctuary is the gym that welcomes them with open arms so they can have an amazing fitness experience. 

Member Testimonials

Without a doubt the BEST GYM IN BRISBANE! I’ve been to a few different gyms over the years but Strength Sanctuary takes the cake!! It’s more than just a gym, Oran, Adzy, Rex and the team go above and beyond to create a beautiful space and community that supports both physical and mental health and well being. I’ve been a member for 6 months now but it feels like I’ve been going for years. Everyone at the gym is friendly and welcoming and I would recommend Strength Sanctuary to anyone of any fitness level or age!

Membership Options At Our Gym in Brisbane

We offer month to month & long term gym memberships to suit your flexibility needs. View our memberships page or contact out team to start your fitness journey.

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Learn To Function Well With Group Fitness Classes

Achieve your fitness goals and improve your fitness levels with our group training sessions.

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