About Strength Sanctuary



A Stafford Based Gym

The strength Sanctuary is a one of a kind training facility, located in Stafford. The gym prides itself on our community, a place where everyone is welcome and supported. A space that offers a platform for growth physically, mentally and emotionally. With world class equipment, each piece has been hand selected to cater for the needs of each member. These members range from the general population looking to achieve health and fitness goals, athletes preparing for competition and individuals undergoing injury rehabilitation. The unique atmosphere can be seen through the creative artwork, plant display and music selection. This gym is considered a holistic space that also offers breathwork ceremonies and ice bath events run by passionate and experienced teachers of 25 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a strong, safe environment that supports its community to grow on a number of aspects both physical and mental. We aim to educate our community on the power they hold within and how they have influence on their external growth much faster, healthier and harmoniously when they take care of their internal. Transformation on the outside naturally happens when we transform within. A strong beautiful physique reflects discipline, self love and integrity. We are devoted to our community to do everything in our power to continuously create and improve a nurturing environment with all the tools necessary for consistent and constant improvement.

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Our Team

Meet the driving force behind Strength Sanctuary and the vision behind it. 

Victoria Hart | Holistic Counsellor & Meditation Instructor

As a holistic counsellor, Victoria offers an array of workshops and group events that are designed to help individuals develop a stronger and healthier sense of self. Her services are rooted in the latest research on epigenetics, meditation, breath work, pranayama, and mindfulness to help individuals dealing with trauma, abuse, grief & loss, mental health disorders, relationship & family discontentments, illness & disease, business and work related topics. Victoria's approach to counselling is collaborative and client-centred, empowering individuals to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. She provides a range of services including Humanistic Therapy, Holistic Counselling, Autonomic Nervous System Realignment, and a toolbox of modalities to meet each individual's unique needs.

Oran Royston | Director

Building Strength Sanctuary is my life’s work. For me building this gym, community, brand is so much more then being a gym owner. Through my own journey and using the meaning of something much greater than myself as a reason to improve myself so that Strength Sanctuary can become what it was destined to become. I am incredibly passion about the mind, soul body connection and how we consciously decide the meaning behind what we are doing moment to moment. When we do this through our conscious awareness everything can become so much more fulfilling and meaningful. “It’s not about what we get my achieving our goals, it’s about who we become”. Having struggled with my mental health - self love and respect. Strength Sanctuary was my truest meaning for needing to heal and improve myself. Being able to show up for our beautiful community really was the driver for a lot when I didn't love myself enough to do it for me. I am forever grateful for the support of our community who gave me that reason to go into work each day and work towards improving myself while building a space we all love and nurture.

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