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What is A Corporate Gym Membership?

A corporate membership is a specialised program designed to offer businesses the opportunity to provide their employees with exclusive access to fitness and wellness facilities at discounted rates. These memberships help to promote a healthy work-life balance, increase employee engagement, and contribute to a more productive and motivated workforce. By investing in corporate memberships, companies demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and encourage a positive, active lifestyle that can lead to long-term health benefits for the entire team.

Corporate Membership Rate

  • $0 Sign on fee
  • Free Plant & Vase
  • Access To Ice Baths
  • Access To Private Facebook Group
Member Testimonials

As a health professional, I feel that strength Sanctuary is at the cutting edge of the health and wellness space. Walking into this space feels like home. The members and staff are warm and welcoming, the equipment selection is everything you could ever want or need, and the inclusion of breathwork and cold plunges makes for a holistic solution to heath. For anyone that wants to work on their body and mind this is the place to be.

Brisbane Gym Membership Options

We offer month to month & long term gym memberships to suit your flexibility needs. View our memberships page or contact out team to join.

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