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Group Fitness Classes - Brisbane

Join our group fitness classes to help kickstart your fitness transformation.

Structured Training Blocks

Our classes follow a structured periodised training program. Mixing both strength & conditioning as well as cardio to get the most out of your program.

Monthly Check-ins

You will have monthly check-ins with our coaches in order to track progress and make changes to your fitness plan.

Train With Friends

Group fitness classes are a great way to be active while enjoying bit of a social aspect. Training with your friends is fun and can be motivating.

Free Gym Membership

Our group fitness membership comes with a free gym membership so you can experience the Strength Sanctuary community and maximise your training.

Group Fitness Memberships

Group Fitness

Classes: Mon - Friday 5:30am & 6:30am | Mon - Thursday 6:20pm & 7:15pm
$ 75
  • $0 Sign on fee
  • Free Sanctuary Plant
  • Unlimited Classes AM & PM
  • Structured 6 Week Program
  • Learn To Safely, Bench, Squat & Deadlift
  • 6 Weekly Face to Face Accountability Checkins
  • Includes Gym Membership

Benefits of Group Fitness

Discover the dynamic world of group fitness sessions in Brisbane. Our city offers a vibrant fitness landscape with a range of classes to suit every individual, from high-energy HIIT and InspireCycle sessions to calming Studio Pilates. Whether you’re at a boutique fitness studio, a bustling gym, or an exclusive health club, Brisbane’s fitness scene is buzzing with opportunities to get fit, break a sweat, and embark on a fulfilling fitness journey.

Group fitness classes in Brisbane cater to a wide spectrum of fitness levels and goals. Engage in heart-pumping cardio workouts or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for improved cardiovascular health. Embrace the strength and conditioning benefits of circuit training and bootcamps. Reformer Pilates and Studio Pilates offer a path to enhance core strength and flexibility. These classes, available across various fitness hubs like Fitstop and Hustle Boxing, provide a comprehensive approach to physical health.

Joining group fitness classes is not just about physical transformation; it’s also about mental resilience and wellbeing. The collective energy of a group class at your local gym or boutique fitness studio in Brisbane can significantly reduce stress and elevate mood. Whether it’s the rhythmic movements of barre and Pilates or the focused intensity of strength training and functional movements, these sessions help in cultivating mindfulness and a sense of mental clarity.

The social aspect of group fitness classes in Brisbane cannot be overstated. Be it a boutique beat boxing gym, a serene yoga studio, or a dynamic fitness club, these sessions are a melting pot of community and camaraderie. They are the perfect way to connect with like-minded individuals, find motivation, and be part of a supportive fitness community. This sense of belonging and shared purpose makes every workout enjoyable and something to look forward to.

Brisbane’s best fitness studios and gyms boast highly qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers. These professionals ensure that each class, from intense metabolic conditioning to sculpt and tone sessions, is conducted with utmost care for safety and effectiveness. They provide personalized guidance, ensuring that exercises are performed with proper technique and form, catering to varying fitness levels and goals.

Class Timetable

Monday: AM – 5:15am & 6:30am | PM – 6:20pm & 7:15pm

Tuesday: AM – 5:15am & 6:30am | PM – 6:20pm &

Wednesday: AM – 5:15am & 6:30am | PM – 6:20pm &

Thursday: AM – 5:15am & 6:30am | PM – 6:20pm &

Friday: AM – 5:15am & 6:30am

About our Group Fitness Classes

What you will have access to as part of our program.


Maximum of 6 per class

We cap our classes at 6 so you get the most out of our coaches and equipment.

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Unlimited Group Sessions

Add group fitness into your weekly training.

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Weekly Checkins & Accountability

Catchup with one of our coaches to track your progress and keep you consistent.

Group Fitness Instructors


Bill Bennett

Group Fitness Coach

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Drew Denford

Group Fitness Coach

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