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At our gym, we are dedicated to prioritising mental health just as much as physical fitness. We recognize that achieving optimal physical health involves more than just physical exertion – it’s also about cultivating mental resilience, maintaining focus, and fostering a positive mindset. These psychological factors play a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of your training endeavours.

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About Our Holistic Counselling Services

Our commitment to a holistic approach extends to the utilisation of advanced frameworks and the understanding of epigenetics in our counselling sessions. Through these powerful tools, we unlock deeper insights into the interplay between genetics, environment, and behaviour, and how they influence both mental well-being and physical performance.

By integrating these frameworks, we tailor our counselling strategies to each individual’s goals and life experiences.

This personalised approach empowers you to navigate challenges, manage stress, and harness your innate potential effectively. Epigenetics, the study of how gene expression can be modified by external factors, further informs our techniques, allowing us to assist you in cultivating positive habits that promote holistic health.

Beyond optimising performance, our Holistic Counselling services offer vital support in addressing emotional challenges such as trauma, grief, and loss – experiences that can profoundly impact physical wellness and performance. Through our safe and nurturing environment, we guide our community members through the process of healing, ultimately empowering them to regain their inner strength and resilience.

Additionally, our counselling approach actively addresses mental health obstacles like depression and anxiety. These challenges can impede focus and drain energy, detrimentally affecting both performance and overall well-being. By incorporating evidence-based therapeutic techniques, mindfulness practices, and specialised breathing exercises, we equip our members with the tools to manage these symptoms, fostering a positive mindset and elevating performance levels, both within the gym and in their daily lives.

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Our Holistic Counsellors

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Holistic Counsellor

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