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home to the best personal trainers in Brisbane, Strength Sanctuary will be able to pair you with a personal trainer and get you moving towards your fitness goals.

Our Personal Trainers

A photo of a Brisbane personal trainer named Debra Jones.

Debra Jones

Personal Trainer

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Oran Royston

Personal Trainer

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Ben Mathews

Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainers Specialise In

A brief overview of the specialisations our trainers have.

A client of a Brisbane Personal Trainer at Strength Sanctuary

Stage Physiques

Our trainers provide comprehensive guidance to sculpt your physique for stage-ready appearance, focusing on balanced muscle development, toning, and aesthetically pleasing proportions.

A Brisbane personal trainer instructing the bench press.


Experience tailored weight loss programs designed to promote healthy living, enhance metabolism, and burn fat, under the guidance of our skilled coaches.

A Brisbane personal training client using Strength Sanctuary's outdoor sled.

Sport Development

Improve athletic performance with sport-specific training, emphasizing skill enhancement, agility, endurance, and strength to excel in your chosen sport.

Brisbane personal trainer spotting his client doing dumbbell bench press.

Weightlifting & Powerlifting

Benefit from focused powerlifting regimens aimed at maximising your strength. Our trainers design routines to safely increase squat, bench press, and deadlift performance.

Our Personal Trainers In Action

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Learn About Personal Training

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